Legends of Code and Magic

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Creature card info
There are 6 keywords: And 3 possible additional abilities:


Item card info
There are 3 types of items: List of Cards

Draft Phase

Draft info

During the draft phase (first 30 turns) player constructs their decks by choosing one of the three proposed cards each turn. The choices of the opponent are unknown.

Battle Phase

Battle info

During the battle phase (all remaining turns), both player takes their turns alternatively, red first. During its turn the player can do any number of the following action types (asumming the actions are legal): Cards which are legal to play from the hand depend on the actual amount of mana points, which restores to the maximum at the beginning of every turn. This maximum increases each turn up to 12. Second player has one bonus mana point that he can spend at any turn.

At the beginning of each turn, the current player draws cards from the deck (usually one) if his hand is not full (8 cards max). The content of the hand is visible only to the hand's owner. Content of the board and player data (health, mana, etc.) is visible to everyone.

Each creature can only attack once per turn and (unless it has the charge keyword) it cannot attack the same turn it is placed. When creature attacks other creature both defenses are reduced by opponent's attack values. Creatures with defense 0 or less are immediately removed from the board. When creature directly attacks the player, its attack is substracted from the player's health.

The goal of the game is to reduce opponent's health to 0.